IWHA Prize

The Delft 2015 recipient of the Dooge prize is the famous water scholar Terje Tvedt.

During its biannual conferences, IWHA biannual Water Prize hands out its Dooge Prize to an eminent scholar in water history or a person who has strongly supported the historical study of water.

The prize is named after James C Dooge (30 July 1922 – 20 August 2010), Irish politician, engineer, climatologist, hydrologist and academic in hydrology, climate change, and water history. He was member of the first council of IWHA.

During the 2007 conference in Tampere, Finland, the first Dooge prize was handed out posthumously to Dr. Dooge.

During the 2011 conference in Kruger, South Africa, the second Dooge prize was handed out to Dr. András Szöllösi-Nagy. (see https://waterpartnership.org.au/prof-andras-szollosi-nagy-interview-hydrodiplomacy-and-addressing-water-security-lessons-from-40-years-of-experience/

During the 2013 conference in Montpellier, France, the third Dooge prize was handed out to Dr. Tapio Katko.
(see https://researchportal.tuni.fi/en/persons/tapio-sakari-katko)