Council and members


The Executive Council is the governing body of the Association, managing its business, assets, and activities, including committees if applicable.

The Council convenes by the President at least bi-annually and may be convened at other times either at the President’s request or at the request of a majority of Council members. A quorum of the Council consists of one-third of its members and must include either the President or Vice-President.

The Council is responsible to the members of the Association and present to them such actions or resolutions that, in its judgment, require general Association approval. Approval requires a majority vote of the members present and voting at a general business meeting. 
The general business meeting of members shall be convened during the biannual conference. Officers of the Association and Committee Chairs shall report on their activities. Items requiring general Association approval shall be presented and decided by majority vote of those present and voting. Parliamentary procedure will be used.

The Council includes the following officers: a President, a Vice-President (who shall also be the President-Elect), a Secretary, and a Treasurer. Furthermore, there are five members who hold no other elective office. 

The President serves for a two-year term.  

The Vice-President automatically succeeds to the Presidency after serving for a two-year term. 

The Secretary and the Treasurer serve six-year terms.

The regular members serve a four-year term. 

Members 2019-21

Daniel MacFarlane (Western Michigan University, USA)

Matthew Bender (The College of New Jersey, USA)

Rina Faletti (UC Merced, USA)

Ruth Morgan (Australian National University, Australia)

General members
Najet Aroua (Algiers Polytechnic School of Architecture and Urbanism, Algeria)
Craig Colten (Louisiana State University, USA)
Qian Kefei (Hangzhou Medical College, China)
Muchaparara Musemwa (University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa)
David Pietz (University of Arizona, USA)
Riikka Rajala (Tampere University, Finland)